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Antibiotic Disposal

SIDP promotes proper disposal of all medications with a focus on antibiotics. It is important to discard any unused, unwanted, or expired antibiotic prescriptions to avoid unnecessary side effects and antimicrobial resistance. Appropriate disposal of medications is essential in keeping our environment safe and clean.

Resources for the Public

How to use antibiotics safely:

  • Only use antibiotics as directed by your prescriber
    • Never save antibiotics for future use
    • Never share antibiotics with another person

Why it's important to dispose of old antibiotics safely:

  • Use of antibiotics when you don't need them can cause harm, such as:
    • Side effects
    • Antibiotic resistance

  • Improper disposal can cause problems, such as:
    • Accidental ingestion
    • Water pollution

National Take Back Day

Safe Disposal

 For more information, visit your state's Department of Health website!

Resources for Community Pharmacies

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