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COVID-19 Remdesivir Toolkit

This toolkit was last updated 5/10/2024 and is no longer being reviewed for accuracy and updates. Resources should be used with caution, as content may be outdated.

SIDP has developed guidance documents pertaining to the use of remdesivir (Veklury®) for the treatment of COVID-19 for both outpatient and inpatient administration of 3 and 5 day regimens, informed by the experiences of pharmacists who have implemented remdesivir therapeutic regimens at their medical centers.

Toolkit Features:

    • Tools to guide patient selection, prioritization, and scheduling
    • Guides/ checklists on how to start a remdesivir infusion center/process for various infusion sites
    • Remdesivir compounding guidance
    • Education (Providers, Nurses, Patients)
    • Billing, reimbursement and access for remdesivir
    • Remdesivir availability

    SIDP member, Drew Zimmer, PharmD (left), discussing therapeutic options for COVID-19 with a colleague.

    How to use this Toolkit

    1. Review toolkit contents.

    2. Download documents and customize (if needed) to fit your institutional needs.

    3. Review educational materials and customize (if needed) to fit your institutional needs.

    Toolkit Contents

    • Billing, reimbursement information, coding
    • Assistance for access to remdesivir is available through the Gilead Advancing Access to identify locations offering outpatient remdesivir therapy program
      • Offers assistance with co-pay information, coding/reimbursement, verification
      • Contact: 1-800-226-2056 (option 4); M-F 0900-2000 EST

    Updates and revisions to toolkit contents will be made every 2 weeks, as needed, until May 2024.

    Revisit this page periodically for the most up-to-date information!

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    Please keep in mind that information, data regarding COVID-19 therapeutics is constantly evolving. Use of SIDP guidelines and/or toolkits are intended as recommendations. Use does not supersede clinical judgement based on the assessment of an individual patient by an individual practitioner. The recommendations reflect the best available evidence at the time of publication and are not the sole resource for patient care management and/or an exclusive source of action.

    SIDP COVID-19 Remdesivir Toolkit Taskforce Members

    Special thanks to the following SIDP members for volunteering their time and efforts to the development of this toolkit:


      • Sara Ausman
      • Esther Bae
      • Hita Bhagat
      • Christina Koutsari
      • Yosef Nissim
      • Natasha Pettit
      • Neda Pourdeyhimi


      • Christina O'Connor
      • Drew Zimmer
        SIDP Member, Christina O'Connor, PharmD (left) discussing therapeutic options for COVID-19 with an advanced practice practitioner colleague.

        This toolkit was supported in part by Gilead Sciences, Inc. All content creation and peer review were conducted independently by SIDP members.

        Release Date 5/10/2023, Updated 5/10/2024

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