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Infectious Diseases Pharmacists Day

It's that time of the year again! The second annual Infectious Diseases (ID) Pharmacists Day will be held on Sunday, May 22, 2022.  This day recognizes the importance of ID pharmacists and the contributions they make to patient care.

2022 Theme:

"Deprescribing Antibiotics in COVID-19"

Become an advocate!

  • ID Pharmacists promote the proper use of antimicrobials through effective antimicrobial stewardship strategies
  • ID Pharmacists play an essential role in optimizing drug therapy and are an important component of establishing a successful antimicrobial stewardship practice
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been overuse of antibiotics and ID pharmacists have worked to ensure antibiotics are being used appropriately
  • Check-out the new advocacy tool kit from SIDP
Below are some ways to become an advocate:
          • Share your commitment on social media
          • Spread the word on the "5 Ways Pharmacists can be Antibiotics Aware"
          • Commit to becoming an antibiotic guardian

Join the "Twitter Storm" & other outreach on social media!

A Twitter storm will occur on SundayMay 22, 2022 to celebrate and spread the word about the second annual ID Pharmacists Day! 
  •  Some social media example posts:
      • Click here for "5 Ways Pharmacists can be Antibiotics Aware"
      • I've committed to be an antibiotic guardian. You should too! (
      • I intervened on deprescribing antibiotics in COVID-19 because...
      • My role in deprescribing antibiotics in COVID-19 is...
      • My favorite COVID-19 deprescribing manuscript including an ID pharmacist is...
  • Use the hashtags: #IDPharmacistsDay, #SIDP, #DeprescribingAwareness
Invite others to join in on sharing their stories and favorite COVID-19 deprescribing manuscripts including an ID pharmacist author!

Share your story

  • ID pharmacists have been making a huge impact in antimicrobial deprescribing in patients with COVID-19 through interventions and identifying trends! Do you have a story that you would like to share about the impact that you have made on deprescribing antimicrobials in COVID-19?  We would love to hear it!
  • Share your story about a patient experience in deprescribing antibiotics in COVID-19 or trends you have noticed throughout the pandemic!  Fill out the form and you will automatically be entered into the "Share Your Story" contest! Deadline for submission: May 2, 2022
  • The grand prize winner will receive a free 1-year membership to SIDP. Additional winners will receive SIDP water bottles.  The top stories will be shared via social media and on our website.

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