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Infectious Diseases Pharmacists Day

The inaugural Infectious Diseases (ID) Pharmacists Day will be held on May 22, 2021 – marking the 30 year anniversary of the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists (SIDP). This day recognizes the importance of ID pharmacists in promoting appropriate antimicrobial use and the contributions they make to patient care, education, and research. The ACCP ID PRN and MAD-ID are also partnering with SIDP on this event.

2021 Theme:

"Essential COVID-19 Healthcare Workers"

Become an advocate

  • ID Pharmacists promote the proper use of antimicrobials through effective antimicrobial stewardship strategies
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been overuse of antibiotics and ID pharmacists have worked to ensure antibiotics are being used appropriately
  • Check-out the new advocacy tool kit from SIDP to become an advocate:
    • Share your commitment for Antimicrobial Stewardship advocacy on social media. Include the link to the toolkit.
    • Spread the word on the "5 Ways Pharmacists can be Antibiotics Aware"
    • Commit to becoming an antibiotic guardian

Join the "Twitter Storm" and other outreach on social media

  • Take part in a "Twitter Storm" on May 22, 2021 from 4-5 EDT to celebrate and spread the word on ID Pharmacists Day using the hashtag #IDPharmacistsDay and tag @SIDPharm and @accpinfdprn
  •  Some tweet examples:
    • "ID Pharmacists are essential COVID-19 healthcare workers because..."
    • "My role as a COVID-19 healthcare worker is..."
    • "I got my COVID-19 vaccine because..."
    • "I've committed to be an antibiotic guardian. You should, too!" (

Share your COVID-19 story

  • ID pharmacists have been making a huge impact by promoting appropriate and safe antimicrobial use for years and have continued to do so throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • We asked ID pharmacists to share their stories about the impact they have had during the pandemic? The top stories from the contest are shared below
  • The grand prize winner received a free 1-year membership to SIDP. Additional winners received SIDP water bottles. 
  • Thank you to all ID pharmacists for all you do every day!

Top COVID-19 stories

“I created and reviewed/updated weekly the COVID-19 treatment guidelines for 21-hospital system. I established the South East United States-SEUS study group (5-hospital/health systems) & served as principal investigator on an early study evaluating risk factors for severe COVID-19 in our underserved regional area. I applied for and obtained a $100,000 grant to study health disparities & COVID-19 in the South East US” – Athena Hobbs

“Since March 2020, I on-the-job trained into an IP and provide COVID guidance to the 78 Chicago SNFs.  I was also part of planning the Pharmacy Partnership Program roll-out coordinating efforts with the pharmacies to improve operations during the COVID vaccination clinics at our SNFs.” – Amy Hanson

“I have educated the public about the COVID-19 vaccines on television in the news, in addition to being on NPR, and have interviews published by Appalachia Health News and Med Page Today. I’ve discussed the vaccines in WVU Medicine Health Report videos which play at our COVID-19 vaccination clinic, and I’ve participated in two COVID-19 vaccine live streams on the WVU Medicine Facebook Page.” – Meera Mehta

“Many of our COVID patients were afraid to be admitted to the hospital. This inspired me to develop an ambulatory treatment guideline” – Gabriela Cabanilla

“I’ve been volunteering for the COVID-19 vaccine immunization center on Saturdays.  We average 5,000 shots/day from 9-7.” – Chris Destache

“As a shared clinic faculty member, I have been heavily involved with the coronavirus response at my university where I serve on a coronavirus advisory committee. To date, I have also provided over 180 interviews with local, national, and international multimedia outlets. Beyond this, I have served on the front lines of the pandemic within my healthcare system. In my role as an infectious diseases pharmacist, I current work within our system's COVID-19 therapeutics task force. In this capacity, I have developed COVID-19 treatment protocols and helped to deliver clinician education.” – Zach Jenkins

“After 30 plus years of practice, I learned two new skills during the COVID-19 pandemic. I became certified to give COVID-19 vaccines and I became an advocate for better infection control policies in nursing homes. At the start of the pandemic, my high-functioning 94-year old mom had 7 friends in her nursing home unit. The pandemic shut down family visits, patients were isolated in their rooms and all socialization was prohibited. By November 2020 my mom and her 7 friends all died, none from COVID. They died from isolation and profound loneliness. The infection control policies (ICP) were made with only one consideration, prevent the transmission of COVID-19. I wrote about my mom’s story for our newspaper. The power of the human touch and interaction with family must be equally considered in ICP. The article resonated with others who also watched their loved ones become less responsive each month and die. I was invited to share my story at the national SHEA meeting advocating for ICP that include the risks of isolating elderly.” – Debra Goff

 “My ID provider “colleague and I have developed and implemented 40+ versions of our COVID-19 recommendations since late March 2020” – Jarrett Amsden

“We made the COVID-19 drug information and helped the team to revise the COVID 19 protocol. We tracked COVID 19 cases by electronic medical records, screened and checked the appropriate of all medication therapy.” -Chotirat Nakaranura

“I was busy as community pharmacist helping our community manage COVID-19 infections at home and abroad” – Thomas Thomas

“I was designated to serve as a clinical pharmacist specialist in the critical care units that had been transformed into a “red zone”. I am grateful for my residency training in infectious diseases along with my previous experience working in an ICU, for it allowed me to serve critically ill patients during this difficult time.” – Saloni Patel

“I serve as section editor for the treatments chapter and lead our hospital's COVID-19 treatment guidelines group” – Jeffrey Pearson

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