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Infectious Diseases Pharmacists Day

The third annual Infectious Diseases (ID) Pharmacists Day will be held on Monday, May 22, 2023. This day recognizes the importance of ID pharmacists and the contributions they make to patient care.

2023 Theme:


Become an advocate!

  • ID Pharmacists promote the proper use of antimicrobials through effective antimicrobial stewardship strategies
  • ID Pharmacists play an essential role in optimizing drug therapy and are an important component of establishing a successful antimicrobial stewardship practice
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been overuse of antibiotics and ID pharmacists have worked to ensure antibiotics are being used appropriately
  • Check-out the new advocacy tool kit from SIDP
Below are some ways to become an advocate:
  • Commit to becoming an antibiotic guardian
  • Share your commitment on social media
  • Spread the word on the "5 Ways Pharmacists can be Antibiotics Aware"

Share your story: new story submission date to be announced in early 2023!

2022 Past WINNERS

Thank you all who submitted stories in the 2022 year. Please check out the top five stories below and on Twitter!

Congratulations to the TWO grand prize winners, Aleena Issac & Tatiana Marins!

Dr. Aleena Issac, PharmD: “Story of an observer clinical pharmacist who once struggled with de-prescribing unindicated antibiotics to an empowered clinical pharmacist who confidentially did evidence-based de-prescription with the support of a mandatory Government treatment directive.”

Dr. Tatiana Marins, PharmD: “I am a clinical pharmacist in Brazil and I have 15 years of experience and I'm very excited about how we pharmacists can impact the rational use of medicines and contribute to patient safety! I've always enjoyed studying antimicrobials and during the pandemic the challenges encountered made me seek more knowledge on the subject!”

The “runner up” stories were submitted by Stephanie May, Ryan Stevens, and Hunter Rondeau.

Dr. Stephanie May, PharmD (@stephshealymay): “ID/ASP Telehealth Pharmacists implemented a multi-faceted intervention to address unnecessary antibiotic use in COVID-19 patients across 18 community hospitals. The intervention resulted in a 50% reduction in antibiotic use for COVID and an estimated >3k antibiotic days avoided.”

Learn more HERE

Dr. Ryan Stevens, PharmD (@Stevens_AK): “Our ASP team responded quickly to this need by building ASP alerts for patients w/ COVID-19 on abx for respiratory indications. These alerts continue to help maintain ASP focus on this issue as patient volumes continue to change, and has helped keep rates of antibiotic use low.”

Learn more HERE

Dr. Hunter Rondeau, PharmD (@Floralquinolone): “With mentorship from @IDPharmD_Kate and inspiration from @ErinMcCreary, the development of a simple one-line statement in the EHR helped drastically reduce the amount of vancomycin prescribing in a newly converted, overflow MICU for COVID-19 patients.”

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