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SIDP is a member-driven organization with a variety of committees enabling the various services the Society provides its membership and the community at large. The strength of the organization is attributed to our active membership. There are currently 20 committees that members can get involved in on an annual basis. Committee leadership consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, and Past Chair with leaders progressing from Vice Chair, to Chair, and then Past Chair over three sequential committee years.

Annual Report
The Annual Report Committee exists to create the Society's Annual Report. The Annual Report serves as a recap of the previous year and documents all of the work and effort that has been done throughout the Society. Additionally, the Annual Report acknowledges our many supporters, funders, partners, honorees, and members.

The Board Certified Infectious Diseases Pharmacist (BCIDP) committee exists to develop educational content related to infectious diseases and or antimicrobial stewardship topics per the requirements of Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) standards for recertification.

The Fundraising Committee exits to oversee the Society's overall fundraising for Programs, the Annual meeting, Residency/Fellowship Awards and Research Grants. Fundraising efforts are held in the highest of ethical practices. The Fundraising committee ensures that sponsors are acknowledged appropriately and fundraising efforts are cost-effective.

The Programs Committee exists to develop, plan, and schedule all of the Society’s programming and events at the annual IDWeek™ meeting and/or SIDP annual business meeting and lecture series. The committee is led by the Chairperson with the support of the Vice Chair and Past-Chair who have been selected and approved by the SIDP President in consultation with the BOD. The leadership team receives directional and leadership support from an appointed member of the Board. Additionally, (a) member(s) of the committee serves as the SIDP representative of the official IDWeek™ planning committee.

The Membership committee exists to monitors all aspects of recruiting and retaining new membership, including international membership.

Policy & Government Affairs
The Policy and Government Affairs Committee (PGA), formally called Political Action Committee (PAC), exists to inform members on policy and represent the SIDP's position on proposed legislation. The PGA Committee monitors proposed legislation regarding infectious diseases pharmacotherapy and provides education and recommendations for action to the Society’s membership.

Publications & Podcasts
The Publications and Podcasts Committee exists to ensure the quality of SIDPs Publications and Podcasts and to provide direction to and review of the Society’s print and electronic publications. It oversees general editorial needs, development of the Society’s current and future publications, and work with partners.

The Research committee exists to assist the Board of Directors in preparation and distribution of research awards. The Research committee also obtains and review mid-year reports of funded proposals and recommend to the board continuation of projects.

Social Media
The Social Media Committee exists to manage the social activities of the Society as a way to share information across current SIDP members, and to advocate for the profession by connecting with clinicians, researchers, decision-makers, and members of the general public with an interest in the safe and effective use of antimicrobials.

Strategic Planning
The Strategic Planning Committee exists to develop, monitor and implement, in consultation/collaboration with the Board, the strategic plan for the Society.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee exists to improve the diversity of our specialty and increase representation of minoritized individuals in our membership, leadership, and profession.

The Guidelines Committee exists to oversee the endorsement and development of guidelines that will improve the safe and effective use of antimicrobials. The Guidelines Committee also maintains and reports Conflict of Interests for all members. These Conflicts are discussed, and resolved at the start of each Guidelines Committee meeting and conference call.

Inter-Org & Engagement
The Inter-organizational and Engagement Committee exists to create collaborations, and partnerships between SIDP and external health care provider organizations or society. The Inter-Organizational and Engagement Committee works for the Board Director to prioritizes these relationships based on the mission and vision of the Society.

Nominations & Bylaws
The Nominations and Bylaws Committee exists to establish a slate of officers and conduct a fair and impartial election in accordance with the SIDP Bylaws. The Nominations and Bylaws Committee also exists to review the Society’s Bylaws annually and propose recommended changes and updates to the Board of Directors as needed.

Public Outreach
The Public Outreach Committee exits to develop and nurture partnerships, activities and programs that educate the general public on the safe and effective use of antimicrobials. Activities and programs may include, but are not be limited to, education, communications and public service information. The committee evaluates, interprets and communicates impact of the Society’s public awareness programs to the Board of Directors and collaborates with other SIDP Committees to publicize existing Society programs and engage the membership in outreach activities.

The Recognitions committee exists to assist the Board of Directors in preparation and distribution in the review award criteria and nominations for SIDP awards (i.e., FIDP, Clinician of the Year, Young Investigator, Paper of the Year, Distinguished Service, and Gita Patel Best Practice Awards) and provide recommendations to the Board regarding award nominations and recipients. The Recognition committee also exists to explore additional ways in which accomplishments of SIDP and its members can be publicly recognized.

The Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists Education Committee exists to develop continuing education (CE) content related to infectious diseases and/or antimicrobial stewardship topics. The committee engages with new and experienced speakers to foster their professional presentation skills. The SIDP Education Committee also aims to participate in promoting interprofessional education by identifying educational grants and supporting the Fundraising Committee to secure grant funding.

The Stewardship Committee exists to develop and maintain effective education programs for the Society with regards to Antimicrobial Stewardship.


The Website Committee exists to maintain the SIDP website so that it is current, relevant and a professional resource for members and external parties or persons with interest in the safe and effective use of antimicrobials.

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